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Website Launch: 9 Essentials When Building Your First Website

Website launch: 9 essentials when building your first website. Because as a home-based business owner, you want to be found quickly on the Internet. Whether you work as an entrepreneur, freelancer or hobbyist, you can launch a home office website in 9 steps: So, you are building your first website for your home business. Webdesign […]

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How To Start A Freelance Business

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to start your freelance business. As homeworker you can be active with freelance assignments. But how do you start a freelance business? Starting a freelance business is an exciting prospect. Benefits such as setting your own hours and following your passion are certainly attractive – but […]

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The Benefits of Google Workspace for Home Workers

Owners of a home-based business have to deal with many costs. Everything costs money – office rent, supplies, IT hardware, employees, taxes, fees – the list goes on endlessly. One area where most homeworking businesses do not have much room in the budget is the purchase of software. Unfortunately, software is a business critical item […]

How to Master the Business Model Canvas for your Home Business?

With the business model canvas, you can draw up a business hypothesis that you then test with customers until you reach the point in the validation process where you have enough to go on and build a minimum viable product. As a home-based business owner, freelancer or hobbyist, you may have worked with the canvas […]

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The 14 Best Video Meeting Apps For Home Workers

To select the 14 best video meeting apps for home workers, we examined how user-friendly, accessible and effective the video meeting app is for home workers. Video Meetings, or video meetings, can change the way you work as a home worker. However, face-to-face communication is important even if you cannot meet in person. With a […]

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