Website Launch: 9 Essentials When Building Your First Website

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Website launch: 9 essentials when building your first website. Because as a home-based business owner, you want to be found quickly on the Internet. Whether you work as an entrepreneur, freelancer or hobbyist, you can launch a home office website in 9 steps:

  1. Domain name
  2. Website builder
  3. Website Hosting
  4. Business e-mail address
  5. Safety
  6. Home business logo
  7. High-quality images
  8. FAQs
  9. Responsive Website Design

So, you are building your first website for your home business.

Webdesign can be an overwhelming process. There are elements other than how your website looks that make it extremely customer-friendly. Not to mention, something that entices them to buy from you.

This will ensure that your customers have a positive experience with your site, improve your home business’ online presence, and boost customer engagement with your brand.

From customer testimonials to full contact information, here are the nine most important things to consider when building your first website:

1) Domain name

One of the most important things to do if you want to establish an online presence and create an e-commerce site is to choose a domain name.

The right domain name is crucial for both your target audience and search engines. It is best to ignore the trends that come and go and choose a name that makes sense for your home business and niche. Something that will still make sense in a few years’ time.

To do this, you need to go to a domain name registrar, enter the domain name you want to buy and pay. Please note that you cannot buy every domain name, especially if it is already registered with another home company or person. Django asbl can do this process for you.

You can usually register your domain when purchasing your website hosting.

2) Website builder

Before, at the creation of websites, you needed all the help you could get from professional coders and web developers. But now, thanks to WordPress, building your first website has never been easier.

Of course, there are many website builders and apps that all compete for your attention, so it can be a challenge to choose which one is right for you. Django vzw works with a WordPress especially developed for home workers.

Nevertheless, we have listed the reasons why WordPress is an ideal website builder for you:

  •     It has been around for more than a decade now and dominates 35% from the internet
  •     It is an open-source CMS that is very secure
  •     It is search engine friendly
  •     It has themes and templates that can be easily customised using plug-ins
  •     It has a large network of users and developers who serve as your community support

Django WordPress websites are built with premium plug-ins. All members can use Astra Pro and Beaver Builder Pro.

3) Website Hosting

When building your first website, a reliable web host will make it possible for almost anyone on the web to access your website online. It is a space that you will buy to store your website files.

Keep in mind that when you buy website hosting, you are renting a space on the server where your website files will be placed.

Here are some things you need to consider when choosing a web host:

  •     Know your specific needs – e-commerce, WordPress, server space, etc.
  •     Investigate the reliability and speed of the host
  •     Explore the security features offered with your hosting
  •     Make sure your hosting is able to scale with your website
  •     Look for quality customer support
  •     Research prices involved in your hosting

At Django Agency you can choose from website features. Everything is made for you, websites without worries.

4) Business e-mail address

If you are trying to create a professional brand for your home business, first impressions do matter.

E-mail, for example, is one of the most common forms of communication you have with your prospects. A professional e-mail address helps build trust.

Don’t forget that when you purchase a professional e-mail address, you also have access to various tools that allow you to organise and streamline everything more efficiently.

These tools can range from file sharing and cloud storage to team calendars and even customer billing. Django vzw provides these cloud services for home workers.

5) Safety

If you are going to sell something online, then you should take the trouble to secure your site with an SSL certificate. It will encrypt communications between your customers and you. Make sure your hosting provider offers free SSL, which is offered with most top hosting companies these days.

It will also reduce their fears of providing you with sensitive information, such as their social security numbers and credit card information. Especially since identity theft is so rampant online. As an extra security measure, also make sure you know how to back up your website regularly.

Django vzw works with a high safety standard:

  • SSL certificate, all websites are delivered with an https connection.
  • Server firewall and Cloudflare protection
  • Safety headers A-score
  • In accordance with AVG / GDPR

6) Home business logo

Besides building your first website, your home business logo and branding is very important.

Symbols are a great way to communicate information about your home business. A home business logo, for example, is a crucial aspect of your home business’ brand and has a big impact on how it is perceived. Your home business logo is one of the most important brand investments a home business can make.

Here are some tips for an excellent logo design:

  •     You must like it, you will look at it every day
  •     It should reflect the nature of your home-based business
  •     Know the psychological concept of colours
  •     Keep it simple and recognisable
  •     Make it recognisable in large or small, in colour or black and white

Online members can easily create a request logo design. Our Django advisor will be happy to help you.

7) High-quality images

Using high quality images will help you generate more leads by increasing user engagement. This means that more users will spend more time on your site.

It also significantly reduces bounce rates, which leads to a better ranking in search engines and more website traffic. Moreover, it forms a link between your customers and your home business, and users are more likely to choose your services.

Here are some websites that offer free high quality images, making the process of uploading and sharing easier than ever before when building your first website:

  •     Pexels
  •     Pixabay
  •     Unsplash

Django vzw provides all websites with a free library of high quality images.

8) FAQs

People will always have many questions on their side. If you hear their concerns and questions via e-mail, you can collect the most frequently asked questions and then come up with a list of clear and concise answers.

These questions can range from ingredients (allergy concerns) and materials used, history of your home business, shipping information, sizing, and cancellation and return policies.

FAQs, contact forms, chat support, feedback and idea gathering can all be set up by Django asbl.

9) Responsive Website Design

Online traffic from smartphones and other mobile devices accounts for more than half of all Internet traffic worldwide. This is because most of these devices have become more and cheaper and mainstream.

In the past, designing a website meant designing it specifically for a computer. Nowadays, you have to consider how your website will look on a smartphone and a tablet.

Having a responsive website is key… All our WordPress themes are fully responsive for all devices.

Responsive website design means that the layout of your website adapts to the screen it is viewed on. Highly customisable layouts and scalable images provide a better user experience for those who visit your website on their mobile devices.

All Django websites are built to be mobile-friendly and responsive.


Building your first website: 9 essentials

You should include these key features when you launch your home business website. This will help spread awareness and may lead to more business opportunities.

As your home-based business grows, so can your website. And we’re talking about both the complexity of your site’s features and the content you put on it.

We hope this has provided useful information that can help you build your first website! Good luck!

For help or advice on the above information, please do not hesitate to Contact to include.

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